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Purchase problems?

Don't worry, our suppliers will help you!

If you are experiencing difficulties with a game, including technical problems, purchase problems, registration and refunds - you need to contact the game supplier directly. Don't worry - our suppliers will be more than happy to help you with any of these issues, so please contact them.

Which supplier was used?

We are currently using two major PC and Mac game suppliers - Big Fish Games and ArcadeTown.

If your problem is with a game from Arcadetown, most problems can be resolved by going to their help page here.

If your problem is with a game from Big Fish Games, please visit their help section here.


We were previously using two suppliers - Game Center Solution and Trymedia (Macrovision).

Game Center Solution was owned and operated by Amazon. They have now closed down that part of their business. If require any help after July 31 2010, you need to contact Amazon directly and mention you purchased the game from Game Center Solution. We apologise for any inconvenience, as the decision to close Game Center Solution was made by Amazon.

We sell a small number of games from Trymedia/Macrovision. Most answers for Trymedia/Macrovision games can be found here. Contact information is provided in their help section if you need to speak to them directly (e.g. for a refund, other help etc.)


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